Countermay. A name in which a group of heroes decided to call themselves when they rose to protect the Planes from evil. These brave protectors used different magics, technologies, skills, and knowledge from different planes to conquer a dark force that had risen to power. This dark force was known as The Impure or Impurities. The Impure decided that the planes needed to be expunged and reborn as a whole. Diversity was to be no more and only the superior race would take charge. Bringing together the entire Multiverse under their rule and bring down the factions that spread across the planes. 

Because of this, Countermay was created to protect the Multiverse as a whole and not just a single plane. Searching for ancient relics and power magical items of the planes, they used it to put a stop to the rising evil and vanquish their leader Aran Galnortis. But they could not destroy him, he was sealed away within a Crystal of Power for over 2000 years. 

Since then, Countermay has dissolved and was no longer needed. Becoming nothing more then a tale twisted over the years and told at taverns over drinks. One man even decided to name his Tavern located in Sigil "Countermay" for he liked the name. 

So here is where you come in, adventurer. Reports and rumors of strange creatures are popping up all over the Sword Coast. You band of hearty adventurers decided that you want to investigate these strange creatures and bring untold riches and glory for bringing it's head. 


How do you want to do this?


Chronicles of Countermay

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